Spiritual Exercises


About the Program

The Spiritual Exercises at St. Peter Chanel in Hawaiian Gardens, California was instituted in August of 2006 with an initial group of two people meeting with Father Ed Broom, OMV. From that quiet beginning more than 4,200 people have experienced the Exercises.
Among the fruits that participants have experienced are:

  1. A deeper, more intense prayer life;
  2. An ability to examine one’s conscience more closely;
  3. Discernment of spirits – the ability to distinguish the voice of the Holy Spirit from the whisperings of the evil spirit;A deeper understanding and love of the Sacrament of Confession;
  4. A greater love of Jesus present in the Holy Eucharist;
  5. A love of Holy Scripture; and last but not least,
  6. A deeper filial relationship with Mary, our mother.

The Format of the Course

The course is an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Those Exercises have been the source of great spiritual growth for 450 years. The Exercises forge saints and this program is rooted in the Universal Call to Holiness. Christ commands us: “Be holy, as your Heavenly Father is holy” Mt. 5:48. We are striving to become saints, even great saints.

The program extends over 70 days with assigned meditations based in the Exercises and drawn from Holy Scripture. Every week the attendees hear a presentation that teaches the Ignatian method of prayer and outlines the structured themes of Ignatius and provides encouragement and direction.

This is not a Bible study course. The attendees don’t become Bible scholars, they become Bible lovers! All adults are invited! New Catholics, lifelong Catholics, non Catholics, revert Catholics, all are invited.


There is no charge for the course. The parish supplies all the materials. Attendees must have a Catholic Bible. Donations are accepted to help defray the cost.

May Our Lady, who gave the Spiritual Exercises to St. Ignatius of Loyola, inspire you to accept the challenge!

Our next session begins soon! Please call or write for details.

Further Information

For more information please contact Father Ed Broom OMV or Mary Martorana at lovegodsavesouls@gmail.com or Veronica Ayson at 562 924 7591

Mailing Address

Spiritual Exercises
St. Peter Chanel Church
12001 E. 214th Street
Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716
ATTN: Veronica Ayson