Marian Consecration

Marian Consecration

Devotion to Mary

At St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church, we encourage the faithful to foster greater devotion to Mary, the Mother of God, according to the teachings of St. Louis de Montfort and several other saints in our Catholic tradition. St. Louis de Montfort promoted the idea of total consecration to Mary, by which the faithful seek to model their lives after the life and dispositions of Mary and entrust their personal vocations to her, seeking her intercession and help at every moment.

Common Misconceptions

Central to this teaching is the idea that Mary always leads us to Jesus. Because of this fundamental element, consecration (also called “entrustment”) to Mary does not fall into idolatry; we do not approach Mary for her assistance exclusive of Jesus, but we ask that, as His mother, she may best present our imperfect desires to him and we may be received most favorably before the throne of God. In summary, the essence of this consecration to Mary is: “To Jesus, through Mary.”

Preparation and Instruction

The priests of St. Peter Chanel offer classes 1-2 times per year to help people understand the teachings about devotion to Mary, including popular devotions like the Rosary, the Miraculous Medal, and the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, as well as Marian apparitions over the centuries. Anyone who wishes to grow in devotion to Our Lady should approach a priest to ask about it.

Communal Practice

The community of the faithful at St. Peter Chanel, united with the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, offer a prayer of consecration of the parish to Our Lady each morning, placing its daily operations and the conversion and well-being of the entire community in Her hands (this prayer may be found on the About the Parish page). It is only through the graces received from the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the powerful intercession of so good a Mother that we are able to accomplish any good work.